Welcome to Umunhum Brewing

California’s First Co-op Brewery

Resting Place of the Hummingbird


Sharing our name with a nearby mountain, the word “umunhum” means “resting place of the hummingbird.”


Beer of the people, by the people, and for the people


Democratically owned and operated, our co-op is the first of its kind here in California.


You drink the beer. You should own the bar!


Become a co-owner and member for the one-time fee of only $150.


Supporting local businesses


We try to work with and support local businesses here in San Jose as much as we can, including all of the place currently carrying our beer.


Our Beer

We are currently shipping three different styles of beer: Hismen Sii Pale Ale (our first beer), IPO IPA, and Stout as a Service (SaaS).

Our Location

The stated intention of our co-op is to open a location in or around San Jose. While we do not have a physical location yet, we are working on it.

Our Members

We are a very active group, with various meetings and events all around the South Bay. Check our our Meetup page for upcoming events.

You drink the beer. You should own the brewery.

Number of Member-Owners

and growing