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Check out our current line-up of beers, ranging from easy-to-drink lighter beers to surprisingly smooth stouts.

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Binary B10nde Blonde Ale

6.0% ABV  •  23 IBU

A crisp, two-dimensional ale brewed with 10 special ingredients: hops and malt.

Sporting a bright golden hue, Binary B10nde is a crisp, light-bodied blonde ale that’s great on a sunny day or with dinner. German pilsner malt and white wheat give this ale a smooth, silky mouthfeel similar to what you might expect with a pilsner. The mild bitterness of Liberty hops is perfectly balanced with subtle fruity and caramel notes to deliver a well-rounded flavor profile that adds pizzazz to any occasion.

Malts: Pilsner (2 Row), Vienna, Carafoam, White Wheat
Hops: Nugget, Liberty

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Hismen Sii Pale Ale

5.4% ABV  •  40 IBU

From the Ohlone words for “sun water,” Hismen Sii is a golden pale ale with a bright, refreshing taste.

Hismen Sii is a pale ale that packs a lot of flavor for its style — almost masquerading as an IPA. Hismen Sii takes its name from the Ohlone words for “sun water,” and the balance of its bright, hoppy flavoring and a subtle maltiness deliver a crisp, refreshing taste that lives up its name. Tropical hop aromas round out this 5.4% beer to compliment nearly any meal or just to enjoy on its own.

Malts: Pale (2 Row), Munich, Vienna
Hops: Nugget, Azacca, Mosaic, Willamette
Dry hopping: Azacca

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6.9% ABV  •  60 IBU

Incubated in the heart of Silicon Valley and seeded with the proper hop valuation.

The IPO IPA is an India Pale Ale incubated in the heart of Silicon Valley and seeded with the proper hop valuation. Featuring a well-balanced blend of hoppy flavors and maltiness, IPO IPA delivers a crisp, refreshing taste that you might not expect from a typical west coast IPA. The tropical hop aromas complement the bold, slightly bitter flavor, and the malty finish leaves you with a slightly sweet aftertaste.

Malts: Pale (2 Row), Red Wheat, Munich
Hops: Magnum, Cascade
Dry hopping: Cascade, Mosaic

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Kryptö Kölsch

4.8% ABV  •  25 IBU

Flavor secured by a peer-to-peer, beer-to-beer sharing network.

Kryptö Kölsch is a refreshing, light blonde-colored German ale, crafted with pilsner and caramel malts and with aromatic Perle hops, which give it soft spice and floral notes. Initially fermented like an ale but lagered like a pilsner, the Kryptö Kölsch is a true hybrid. It is a smooth, clean, crisp ale that is very sessionable but complex enough to keep you coming back for more.

Malts: Pilsner (2 Row), Carahell/Caramel 10L
Hops: Perle

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Little Red Humminghood

6.4% ABV  •  42 IBU

A playful red ale that will safely guide you home through the woods.

Little Red Humminghood is a smooth and malty red ale that’s great for the changing of the seasons. The English base malt is fermented with a scotch ale yeast to bring out the most in the barley, and light Munich and crystal specialty grains give this ale a nutty caramel-like flavor — and a beautiful red hue. East Kent Goldings and Azacca hops provide spice and citrus flavors for a smoothly balanced finish.

Malts: Maris Otter, Munich I, Victory, Caramel 40L, Special B
Hops: Nugget, Azacca, East Kent Goldings

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Open-Source Stout (OSS)

9.6% ABV  •  70 IBU

A British Imperial Stout that celebrates the open exchange of good ideas and good flavor.

Surprisingly smooth for its ABV, Open-Source Stout (OSS) gets its flavors from a foundation of dark and specialty malts, molasses, and just a hint of spice from Perle hops, which help create a tasteful balance of bitter and sweet. The carbonation adds a smooth light texture over toasted coffee flavors, with roasted after-tones and hints of dark chocolate.

Malts: Pale (2 Row), White Wheat, Black Patent, Roasted Barley, Carafa II
Hops: Nugget, Perle, Cascade
Sugar adjunct: Molasses

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PHP Honey Pale Ale

5.7% ABV  •  24 IBU

Hard-coded with honey malt for super-fast load times and maximum flavor.

Brewed with loads of honey malt that lend a slight sweetness, PHP is a distinctive amber-colored pale ale, balanced with aromatic Cascade and Citra hops that reveal floral spicy grapefruit and tropical fruit notes. This balanced and complex ale pairs well with meals or can be enjoyed on its own.

Malts: Pilsner (2 Row), Honey Malt, Carafoam, White Wheat
Hops: Magnum, Tettnanger
Dry hopping: Cascade, Citra

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Stout As A Service (SaaS)

10.5% ABV

A Russian Imperial Stout that delivers on-demand satisfaction and 99.999% uptime.

Stout as a Service (SaaS) is a Russian Imperial Stout that delivers 99.999% satisfaction to your taste buds, with a smooth balance of bitter and sweet. SaaS blends a foundation of dark and specialty malts with molasses — and just a bit of spice from the yeast. The carbonation adds a smooth light texture over toasty coffee flavors, as roasted after-tones and hints of dark chocolate linger in the back for a short period.

Malts: Pale (2 Row), Red Wheat, Chocolate Malt, Roasted Barley, Black Patent
Hops: Magnum, Columbus, Centennial
Sugar adjunct: Molasses

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The Stouter Limits

9.2% ABV  •  105 IBU

Experience the awe and mystery reaching from this imperial stout to the outer limits.

There is nothing wrong with your taste buds. Do not attempt to adjust the beer. We are controlling production. The Stouter Limits is an out-of-this-world imperial stout, full of rich coffee and chocolate flavors, transmitted to your mouth by select dark roasted malts. The residual sweetness of the molasses is balanced with Nugget, Centennial, and Challenger hop bitterness. This flavorful stout is great to enjoy on a cold winter’s night, or any time of year.

Malts: Pale (2 Row), White Wheat, Carafa II, Black Roasted Barley, Black Patent
Hops: Nugget, Centennial, Challenger
Sugar adjunct: Molasses

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Collaboration Brews

Our co-op has partnered with other local breweries to produce these beers. While supplies of these special beers can be fairly limited, we hope you have a chance to try them.

Covert Cloud Hazy IPA

7.7% ABV

Crafted with secret plans acquired by a joint operation of special brewing agents.

A collaboration between Umunhum Brewing and Clandestine Brewing, Covert Cloud is a hazy IPA that has a solid malt backbone with a deep golden haze. A blend of carefully selected hops lend floral, tropical fruit, and lemon-lime citrus flavors and aromas.

Malts: Pilsner (2 Row), Pale (2 Row), Flaked Oats, Rye
Hops: Magnum, Mosaic, Motueka, Lemondrop
Dry-hopping: Mosaic, Motueka, Lemondrop
Sugar adjunct: Turbinado Sugar

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