Democratically owned and operated

Member Participation

All co-op members are, in fact, member-owners of an ongoing business. As a cooperatively owned, staffed, and self-managed brewpub, all members are highly encouraged to participate in the planning and running of our brewery and in the future planning of our new tap room and brewpub.

Accordingly, there are several ways in which members (and people thinking about becoming members) can participate. Here are some opportunities to help run the co-op, meet fellow members, and learn about what we’re doing:

  • Attend one of our many existing events (listed on Meetup)
  • Propose new ideas for events
  • Join the co-op’s trivia team (which competes every Monday night at San Pedro Square Market)
  • Join one of the co-op’s subcommittees
  • Help select the beers that we brew
  • Help create a beer recipe
  • Run for the board of directors
  • Have fun hanging around with other beer-drinkers
  • Explore new beers that you never even knew existed
  • Make your friends jealous by telling them that you own a brewery


Member Benefits

While the final list of benefits has not yet been finalized, our members have already received many benefits. And we hope to offer even more in the future.

Here are some benefits that our co-op members already enjoy, as well as a few under consideration:

  • Special events, including keg-tappings and barbecues
  • Free pint glasses
  • Free pint on your birthday
  • Weekly Tuesday pint night: $1.50 off all house beer
  • Discounts on T-shirts, mugs, growlers, and other paraphernalia
  • A whole bunch of stuff we haven’t even thought of yet
  • And perhaps most importantly, bragging rights


Be Part of History

We’ve already brewed our first beer, local businesses are serving our beer, and every day brings us closed to open the doors of our own taproom or brewpub.

For a one-time fee of only $150, you can become a lifetime member-owner of California’s first co-op brewpub. Just click the button below to being your journey: