Board of Directors

Meet the members of the board

2018-2019 Board of Directors

David Brothers

President, Board of Directors

A home brewer for 10 years, David has been active in many areas of the coop. In his role as lead of the beer sub-committee, he started the “Brew Crew,” has organized frequent brew days to test and develop new beer recipes, has coordinated happy hour events, and has helped with sales and distribution. David looks forward to getting more members involved and to helping Umunhum continue to grow and achieve its goal of opening a brew pub.

Brian Winter

Vice President, Board of Directors

Kevin Imboden

Secretary, Board of Directors

Kevin has worked in commercial real estate for the past decade and is a proud resident of Japantown. Always interested in trying new brews, he loves the ability to get hands-on with all parts of the beer business via the various avenues that the co-op experience provides.

Andrew Yu

Treasurer, Board of Directors

With the direction that Umunhum Brewery is heading, Andrew remains excited about what the future holds. A relatively new member himself, he admires the passion of our co-op’s members — not only for the beer but also for the co-op’s continued growth and success. Leveraging his professional experience in finance and accounting, Andrew serves as the co-op’s treasurer and is helping keep the books balanced and continues to provide sound financial advice wherever possible.

Jeff Gale

Board of Directors

As a retired software engineer from NASA/Ames Research Center, Jeff has lived in downtown San Jose since 2000. He became interested in beer and brewing while in grad school at Texas A&M. Jeff homebrewed for about nine years after a trip to Germany in 1986. He has been a member of the co-op since 2013 and was elected to the board in 2014.

Noelle Gillies

Board of Directors

Bob Gulino

Board of Directors

As a member of the board since 2014, Bob remains excited about the co-op’s future. Umunhum Brewing has the unique opportunity to take advantage of its roots in Silicon Valley and San Jose and create the quintessential “high-tech” brewpub experience. Serving as the board’s president and as the board’s liaison to the marketing subcommittee, Bob brings a long background in consumer marketing and in building new businesses from scratch.

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