Candidates for 2019 Board Elections

Meet the candidates for this year's board elections

Election Process

The term for all board members is two years, with approximately one-half of the board being elected in alternating years. (Four board members are elected in even years, and three board members in odd years.)

This Year’s Election

There are three seats on the board up for election in 2019, as follows:

  • David Brothers
  • Kevin Imboden
  • Andrew Yu

Here are the important dates for this year’s election:

  • August 16, 2019, 12:00 midnight: Deadline for submission of nominations and candidate statements
  • August 24, 2019, 2:00-4:00 pm: Monthly Board Meeting
  • September 7, 2019, 5:00 pm: Meet the Candidates
  • September 7, 2019: Cutoff date for new members to join in order to vote in this year’s election
  • September 9, 2019: Start of online voting (Members will receive email with voting instructions.)
  • September 27, 2019: Last day to vote
  • September 28, 2019: Election results announced (at September board meeting)

If you have any questions about the election process or the candidates listed below, please contact the elections subcommittee at

Meet the Candidates

To learn more about this year’s candidates, and to help make your decision when casting your ballot, please scroll down and read the statements from all 3 candidates.

Morgane Byloos

Hi everyone! My name is Morgane Byloos and I am running for the Board of Directors. I joined Umunhum Brewing as a member at the beginning of this year and have been involved in marketing ever since. I attend every board meeting and participate in most events to photograph our team in action and post to our social media outlets on a daily basis. I was recently appointed Chair of the Marketing Subcommittee.

Let me just start by saying this: Craft beer is my passion, my hobby and my job. I was born in Brussels, Belgium and was probably fed beer in my baby bottle (well… let’s hope not). Beer has been a passion of mine ever since I was a teenager (because it is legal in Belgium), and it’s followed me across the pond.

A number of you have already met me and/or worked with me, but I wanted to give you a little bit of background information about myself as well as some ideas I’d like to implement should you pick me as one of the board members. In short, I have a background in journalism, PR, craft beer, marketing and sales management.

But let’s dig in a little… About 10 years ago, I was heavily involved in website setups and maintenance and was the editor-in-chief of a local San Francisco news site. I then switched careers and worked in sales and business management for a large corporation in the construction/industrial supply industry. Within the past year, I started A Belgian’s Beer Diary (@abelgiansbeerdiary) on Instagram and a blog by the same name (, both of which have gotten quite a bit of traction. This has allowed me to get involved in the craft beer community and get to know brewery owners, brewers, taproom managers, craft beer influencers, etc. I also acquired the Cicerone Certified Beer Server certification and have taken numerous craft beer courses.

As a result of this more recent venture, I have been able to develop business relationships with a lot of the local breweries and am currently contracted by a few of them to curate their social media content (which I do for Umunhum Brewing as well). These relationships brought me to introduce Umunhum Brewing to Clandestine Brewing and spearhead the recent collaboration efforts for Covert Cloud Hazy IPA. This was Umunhum’s first collaboration and the project was completed successfully at the beginning of August, resulting in substantial sales and increased exposure to the craft beer community and its customers. Additionally, our Instagram following has almost tripled since I first started posting in April of this year.

It is my plan to continue leading the marketing efforts as well as increase our presence in the craft beer community. I also want to continue to build a strong marketing subcommittee, which will be in charge of the monthly newsletter, the website, the social media platforms and the future quarterly newsletter. I believe it is crucial that Umunhum engages with its current member-owners as well as members of the public. Craft beer is above all a community, and Umunhum is a team effort. I would like to start putting together a quarterly newsletter in the form a digital pamphlet with engaging articles, detailing business performance, member ideas, beer and co-op community related content, subcommittee happenings, etc. This will allow our member-owners to better understand our business and get involved where their help is most needed.

I believe my experience in marketing, business, and craft beer have landed me a great combination of skills that I would be happy to continue sharing with Umunhum. With your support, I look forward to help our co-op brewery reach new milestones and increase our presence in the local craft beer community!


Allyson Landers

I am a new member of the co-op and interested in an opportunity to serve on the board of Umunhum Brewing. As a retired small business person, I am aware of the challenges involved in bringing a vision to life and scaling it successfully while staying true to your values.

I am in alignment with the goals and focus of our organization and would like to use the skills gained throughout my career to help Umunhum Brewing reach its objectives.

As a first-time board member, I believe my direct sales experience, organization skills, and customer-centric focus will be useful to the co-op. One of my key competencies is creating environments where team members grow, thrive, and succeed in a positive and fun space.

I believe I can bring an interesting, strong, and diverse set of skills to help move Umunhum Brewing to achieving its goals.

Thank you.

Rada Turcanu

Hi Everyone. My name is Rada Turcanu, and I’m running for the Board of Directors of Umunhum Brewing, with a desire to use my financial background to help with the co-op’s finances.

I joined Umunhum Brewing after seeing their booth at the Hop ’n Vine Festival in San Jose and meeting some of their members. My background in accounting, finance, and operations led me to take interest in being involved within the financial arena of the co-op. Since then, I have worked with the current Treasurer and Finance Subcommittee in drafting: a) the Business Plan for the Taproom Opening, and b) a Profit & Loss Budget for the co-op.

My career in Accounting and Finance started after graduation from the local Santa Clara University with a role in public accounting at one of the top public accounting firms in the industry. Currently I run my own accounting consulting business, working with small- to medium-size companies in the US.

My journey in beer started after having a bad bottle of wine. At first, my palate had a preference for sours and lighter beers. After visiting countless breweries in the Bay Area, California, Massachusetts and Oregon, and tasting hundreds of brews, I have learned to appreciate IPAs, stouts, red ales, etc. In the process, I have enjoyed learning about the craft beer community and connecting with strangers over a good beer. This journey has ultimately led me to today, where I want to partake in the growth of our local brewery and celebrate its collective accomplishments along the way.

In closing, I would like to continue contributing my skills and expertise in the growth of Umunhum Brewing in the following aspects: treasury, financial reports, Taproom Business Plan, pricing strategy, and all other financial and operational matters.

I hope to be able to count on your support during the upcoming election as well as during my potential term as a board member. Let’s do this together!

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